i have quite a few youtube channels.

💾jake o'reill️y🖥️

jake o'reilly is where i do game dev, programming and general tech stuff!

this isn't my first channel, nor my main.

the goal is to show off my devlogs, for both software and messing around with hardware, like computer accessories.


jakedaspud is where i stream and play games and do challenges / speedruns!

this is my first channel, and also my main.

i like playing a lot of retro games, also doing series in order, so far i've played some DOOMs and most of the 2D mario games.


kaffe is my music channel!

i post original songs, covers and music related videos here.

i used to post a lot of stuff on bandcamp, now i am just trying to put together albums and demos to post.

📕jook nook📝

jook nook is where i make manga and book videos!

i post reviews and general content about books/manga.

ever since i got my kindle, i read a lot more and probably won't get more physical manga after i finish my current series.