game dev

here's my game dev/programming stuff!


well, english, irish, spanish, learning thai and japanese, if that's what you thought!

in terms of PROGRAMMING languages, first i tried python in primary school. with little motivation around me, i gave up and eventually learned java once i got to college, where i also went back to python and now love it!

i love using markdown, it's very clean and satisfying to switch over from the syntax to see my final product.

i've had an alright rep with html/css/js (barely js), where i make a lot of sites, but can't commit to updating them. i do tend to make them look great though! only problem is, i can't really do anything fun if i want it to be responsive, which is important to me! so this site is also a blog-shape, where the content takes up only 50% of the horizontal space!

i like to do some simple stuff in excel/google sheets, but i also had a module in it, which was interesting.

i am trying to learn C++ and GDScript for game programming, it's similar enough to python and java.

i've made some basic dbs with SQLite.

i used MakeCode for my leaving certificate project with the micro:bit, and i've also done some stuff with Scratch.

overall i'm best in java, although python's simplicity is quickly becoming preferred...

my playtesting

i think playtesting is an easy way to get into the games industry, here's my experience!

my game site

i've started a website over on replit where i can post articles, notes and reviews / interviews (yes i've interviewed people!) about videogames and people in the videogame industry.

it's called the game tome, go follow me on replit too!