here's my music!

where i post my music

i post my music on bandcamp and mostly on youtube, under the alias kaffe (a.k.a. kaffestrømme / kaffestromme / kaffestroemme).

here's the kaffe youtube channel and bandcamp, with updates on my music and art on twitter.

my music journey

i don't know if i played the recorder in primary school before, or after i did a few piano lessons. i had always thought that i left them willingly and didn't like going to them, but it turns out the tutor had just stopped doing them! i am sure i would be much more interested in music in general if i had kept that up.

(many years later) in 2020, i asked my sister for her acoustic guitar that she never used, as i had decided i wanted to do music for my leaving certificate and wanted to play the guitar for it. that summer i learned quite a bit, then, that May for my birthday, i got my first electric and kept playing (mostly outside of school), which led me to keep buying instruments. now i have a few guitars, a piano and some others, like an electric drum kit and a melodica! (my human archetype is showing through with that, quirky, right?)

during my leaving certificate, i also picked up online sequencer, a music sequencing website which i love to use and sketch music ideas, or simply make songs with, i highly recommend it!

music i listen to

the genres i mostly listen to are emo, math rock, folk and anything else i like at the moment.

the language doesn't really matter to me but it's obviously easier to sing along to if it's in english (for me!).

here are some of my favourite bands, and my favourite songs / albums from them.

brave bird

they are a disbanded emo group i like, they only put out a few albums which are all great, my favourite song is "Scared Enough" off of "Maybe You, No One Else Worth It".

origami angel

they are a two-piece band that focus on math rock, i love how they switch between genres a lot, as they have done some screamo before along with their complex guitar. my favourite is hard to pick, so here's a few!

mom jeans.

i hadn't realised how few songs they've put out, but i guess i didn't really know what song of theirs is my favourite.

graduating life

related to mom jeans., they're an angsty emo band too! with some pretty catchy songs like these:

prince daddy & the hyena

now THIS band is really something, the songs usually contain screaming / shouting, but the whole thing just goes together so nicely. i even performed "Really?" for my leaving certificate! that means it means a lot to me lol.


they do some actual screaming! which i didn't like at first, but it's definitely grown on me! (now i have 3 different spotify playlists for screaming: 1 2 3)


i can't believe i didn't put crywank here when i first made this page. they are just a two-piece formed in manchester, but their music is such a massive inspiration for me, every album is its own banger, and many songs sound completely different, different vocal styles, different feelings. from two chords in a noisy recording, to good production with lots of complex instrumentation, i love this band (hence why so many songs!). absolute favourite is "Privately Owned Spiral Galaxy".

the front bottoms

for how much i like this band, i'm surprised it wasn't here either? was i trying to keep this page small or something? the front bottoms (now turned pretty experimental-pop) are a band that speaks to me a lot, with "bad" vocals for a lot of their older songs, but the songs call for it, especially since the feeling it gives me is so good anyways. here's the songs i like from bandcamp. also, "Be Nice To Me" was the other song i performed for my leaving certificate! crazy how they're both my favourite bands ;).

cottonwood firing squad

some nice math rockish tunes with interesting melodies.


i love their screaming and lyrics, their strange abrupt rhythms, they've been doing some different sounds recently too!


first acoustic guitar: herald hl34 classical

first electric guitar: fender squier affinity strat sss (seafoam green)

travel electric: hofner shorty (red)

acoustic: fender newporter player (ice blue satin)

electric drum kit: random amazon drums

keyboard: casio CTK-1500

ocarina: wine bottle style, ceramic, 6-hole, alto c

melodica: 32 key melodica (blue)

first ukulele: martin smith soprano (black)

ukulele: fender venice soprano (shell pink)

DAC: arturia MiniFuse 2 (black)

1/4" Cable: stagg 10ft (black, straight-90 degree)

DAW: audacity

sequencer: online sequencer