here's my art!


i do photography, sketching, graphic design, pixel art and lots of thumbnails!

i used to do technical drawing in secondary school, it was easy, but eventually got boring lol.

for photography, i use my Samsung S10, or my stock Canon 1200D, sometimes using cheap macro lenses! i have multiple tripods, two for my camera and one for my phone (i do some light vlogging here and there!).

for sketching, i use a derwent mechanical pencil and sketch on pretty much anything i have at hand. i have a nice ballpoint pen for writing too, this parker victoria violet jotter that i write in my notepad with.

for graphic design, pixel art and thumbnailing, i do it all digitally with FireAlpaca! it's useful for all of that, free AND i can make animations/gifs!

i do wish to go back to technical drawing, and HAVE been with some 3D modelling, but it's just a lot of effort to line an A3 page 😮‍💨.

in the end, my most used medium is pixel art and thumbnailing, i'd like to make some photography zines though.

where i post my art

i post my art under the alias kaffestrømme (a.k.a. kaffestromme / kaffestroemme / kaffe).

here's kaffe's instagram and twitter.